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Error during Sync with Exchange 2010 - Errocode 19126

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asked Feb 7 by anonymous

6 Answers

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             Since you don't know which event is the culprit, you might try using tcpflow to monitor the traffic to see which event is causing the problem. (i suggest making a copy of your Identity first as backup)   
  How to use TCPflow to test Send & Receive
  Otherwise you can export events in groups by date to find the bad event. Then import the bad group into a new Identity. Export in smaller groups. Import these smaller groups one at a time into Outlook. Rinse and repeat.
  If you have access to Outlook for Windows you might find a utility that will help manage your events. Outlook for Mac is so new there aren't options for us like the Windows users have.
answered Feb 8 by anonymous
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             Been hunting for an answer for sometime.  The events I couldn't delete on my MAC running Outlook (2011) were located on a different  windows computer in an Outlook (2013) calendar.  Once I deleted them there, the problem went away.          
answered Feb 8 by anonymous
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             I have also the same issue.  I did as you said above (which was already interesting - thank you).   However the same problem remains.  There is an outlook event somewhere that it is trying to synchronize (just one) every 30 seconds.    
    How to turn this off /get rid of this problem?  
    Thanks in advance for your help.             
answered Feb 8 by anonymous
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    I've got the same Outlook version and the same sync error while opening a co-worker's agenda for the first time. It seems to only affect old events and does not seem to occur again when I reload outlook or do a new sync...  
    Our exchange server is running exchange 2010 and is mostly up to date...  
    If anyone has a clue, I'd be glad to hear it!  
    Best regards,  
answered Feb 8 by anonymous
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    I can't delete any events neither from Exchange Server nor from Outlook - I need them available on my Macs, IPhone, IPad, OutlookWebAccess.  
    What I did in between was to create a new identity and set up the accounts totally from scratch (only after I did a backup of the current identity) - after that, ALL calender events from Exchange showed the same 19126 error and not a single one of the   approx 10.000 appointments was synchronized to Outlook! And all enets brought the error each time, outlook checked with the exchange server - can you imagine how many error messages I received?   
    After deleting the new identity and recovering the identity from the backup, I am back at 1 appointment with 19126 error.  
    In between I checked with Outlook 2010 for Windows and the appointment in question does not exist on the server! In Outlook 2011 for Mac I can't find it either, but the sync daemon in outlook 2011 for mac still complains, that he can't synchronize it -   which I can fully understand, as it doesn't seem to exist neither on the local machine nor on the server.  
    It is inly one appointment, but I receive one error for it each time the client (Outlook for Mac 2011) checks with the Exchange Server for synchronization - every 30 seconds or so.  
    So I have no idea what to do :-(            
answered Feb 8 by anonymous
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             In the Calendar window, select Organize in the Ribbon. Select List view.
  You should see all events. Sort by "Start"
  Assign a category "export" to your older events.
  Under File > Export select to export by category  > "export"
  Select to Delete after exporting.
  Your data is backed up in the .olm file but is removed from Outlook. Did this solve the issue?
  If you want to view the older events, you can import back into Outlook. They will show up in an imported calendar.
answered Feb 8 by anonymous

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